Seniors Continue To Be A Major Force In American Consumerism

Most of the marketing that mainstream America is exposed to usually celebrates youth. This may come in the form of advertising targeted at children to convince their parents to part with their salaries for the kids or students in high school or college who are now beginning to take the reins of their income.
However, one demographic continues to proliferate in the United States and worldwide. It is a demographic that requires special consideration and often has unique, specific product and service needs. That demographic is senior citizens, and thanks to the advances in medical technology and the improvements in overall quality of life, more and more Americans are living to their age years; even economic concerns convince more younger Americans to hold off on having children.

A Growing Market

The trend of more seniors in the general population is that the United States is arriving later than other areas. Japan has already entered this trend, with one in four adults being senior citizens, and the population of seniors now outnumbers the children in Japan. Europe is headed down this same path, a seeming demographic inevitability of first-world economic development. As countries become more affluent and living costs rise, with working hours, increasing, fewer adults choose to start a family.
The United States is now slowly transitioning to this population model, with projections estimating that by 2060, like Japan, there will be more seniors than children. For businesses that target the retail consumer market, this will profoundly impact the market, specifically, which should be the primary demographic for marketing. Today’s current trend of celebrating youth and trying to appeal to a more numerous, younger demographic will be counterproductive to business growth in an era where seniors are more numerous and likely have more purchasing power.
This is something that businesses need to address now. In some cases, proactive companies are already reaping the benefits of reorienting to an older market, although this also requires more specific approaches and strategies. This is something that Sprint Solutions Worldwide Marketing can help with.

The Right Business For The Right Demographics

The growing senior population has specific interests and can command high engagement and response from the right product or service offerings. The organizations that benefit the most from this include:

Political Action Committees

Whether registered as Republican, Democrat, or Independent, seniors now have years of watching American politics at work and will usually have strongly formed opinions about the political situation. However, unlike working Americans, they also have the time to follow political issues. More importantly, when the time comes to decide, they also have the time to vote.
This means that seniors are an all-important political resource at the local, state, and federal levels and should always be a significant component of any political planning and campaigning. This is the demographic with both the time and interest to provide support, whether through monetary donations, volunteering time, or just coming out to vote.

Travel & Tourism

It should go without saying that travel is often a significant component of the retirement lifestyle for the senior demographic. One of the rewards of years of productivity working and raising a family is the understanding that a well-deserved retirement will increase travel. As a result, seniors are an active part of the travel and tourism industry.
This means that special offers and senior-centric travel programs will always be met with a high level of interest. Unlike working adults, retired seniors can easily find the time to schedule trips and often have the disposable income to invest in one or more “dream vacations.” It’s essential to tap seniors as a significant stream of revenue.


It’s not unusual for seniors to have a sizable “nest egg” of savings as they retire. Many of them may still be interested in getting that money to work for them even further during this period of their life. This is where investments become a viable path. It doesn’t require them to put in the physical work they may no longer be capable of sustaining but still earns them more profit through the intelligent allocation of funds to suitable investments.
As to be expected, there’s a broad demographic of seniors to approach for investment, from neophytes who have never invested before to experienced retirees pursuing more aggressive investment goals as they build up their net worth.


Unfortunately, part of the aging process is the breakdown of the body from its physical peak in the younger adult years. This isn’t just a loss of muscle or energy efficiency but can eventually result in any manner of conditions, illnesses, and disorders, both physical and
As prescribed by doctors, pharmaceuticals usually play an increasingly important role in seniors’ quality of life. Whether it is analgesics for simple pain and discomfort management or more sophisticated medications to handle an array of issues such as a heart condition or blood pressure, it’s not unusual for seniors to rely on pharmaceuticals and thus have an active interest in more such products that can help to maintain an acceptable quality of life.

Insurance & Insurance Supplements

Another area where seniors may be far more active than other adults is insurance. While some types of insurance, such as auto insurance, fall out of favor as seniors stop driving, many become more critical.
Life insurance, final expense insurance, and many others become highly relevant to seniors, resulting in a higher level of interest, engagement, and response if they can be reached.

We Can Help

Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing can help companies to find the senior citizens that would benefit the most from the products or services they offer. The company first began operations in its hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada, initially choosing to work in the more traditional direct mail industry marketing field. However, this focus led to the company gathering a comprehensive list of businesses and individuals for various specific marketing requirements. Diligence and hard work paid off, and the company provided more and more local businesses with the contacts they needed to expand their sales.
For Sprint Solutions Worldwide Marketing, this led to steady growth and expanded operations continental Unites States, Mexico, and Canada. Expanded operations. The company serviced the entire state of Nevada, the continental United States, Hawaii, and Alaska. Once all of the United States was served, the coverage expanded to complete continental service, adding the markets of Canada and Mexico. In time, Sprint Solutions Worldwide Marketing added global market access, crossing the Atlantic and offering inroads to nations in the European Union, such as France.
Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing takes great pride in that it’s not just about having a sizable contacts database but ensuring that the database stays current. Databases are of little use to a business if the people being sought are deceased or no longer at the address or telephone number provided. Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing does the diligence, verifying and updating contact details to ensure that clients get viable contact data for their marketing plans. And today, with many more digital communication options, physical mailing addresses are just one option. Other channels exist, including email addresses for digital marketing, telephone numbers for telemarketing, and phone numbers for voice or SMS/text messaging marketing campaigns.

Reach Out To The Seniors You Want

Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing uses no illegal or unethical business practices to collect contact details for senior citizens. The data has been voluntarily submitted through opt-in measures, ensuring that these contact details are only for seniors with an active interest. Because of the changing demographics of senior citizens, it is essential to ensure that lists are current to prevent wasted marketing efforts from being submitted to deceased people, so continuous verification is standard.
Appropriate breakdowns are also crucial for good senior citizen marketing. Geographic categories are easily provided, so clients should need demand it and can have access to nationwide coverage for their marketing. However, this can also be easily scoped down to suit whatever needs, such as focusing only on a region, like the Pacific Northwest, or a single state, like Washington State. Breakdowns can become even more specific, going to a single town or city or, for smaller, more local initiatives, targeting particular neighborhoods, such as only the seniors in West Central and Spokane.
These breakdowns also occur at the demographic level. For example, the needs of senior women can sometimes differ significantly from those of men. With demographic studies, various metrics can be used for more precise targeted marketing. Contact details can be requested based on ethnicities, such as for products or services more appropriate to Asian Americans, faith-based metrics, such as appealing specifically to Mormons, or even economic categories, such as products or services more suited to seniors in the upper economic classes.
If you’re ready to market your products or services to the seniors of the United States, Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing is here to help. Contact us, and let us help you achieve your marketing goals.